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Some include a boat house, special pool, outdoor kitchen, 3 separate HVAC systems, central vacuum etc. It was located in the exclusive Island Estates area.


  • Gold Inspection: This home was an older home located on the beach. It had some challenging aspects as it was 3 stories high and it contained two separate stand alone units. 
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection: This home ordered a Platinum Inspection, 4 points and Wind Mitigation. The Wind Mitigation saved him over $1,000 which paid for all the inspections and more!
  • Economy Inspection: This home although very large was gutted by the previous owner. An economy was ordered to check on the main items of the house.
  • Gold Inspection: This Home inspection included a Gold Inspection, 4 points because it was over 30 years old and a Wind Mitigation which saved the buyer substantially on the Home owners insurance.
  • Pre Certified Sellers Inspection: This seller had a pre- certified inspection to discover what would be need to fix before the Home was put on the market. As a result he was able to present a much better product to the market which will add in the sale of his home.

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New Home Construction Inspections:

Building a new home? Make sure that your builder delivers what he promises. Most builders do, but in many cases their subs may not. Building a new home can be a stressful process, especially if you are doing it from afar. House 2 Home inspectors are certified in the construction of a new home. Let us help you.

New Construction

Four (4) Phase Process

Phase 1: Inspect excavation & foundation, rough framing, electrical, plumbing & HVAC.

Phase 2: Insulation Inspection

Phase 3: Prior to closing: Interior & exterior, appliances &  fixtures, thermal imaging on working equipment &  heat loss.

Phase 4: One year anniversary:  We inspect your home on the 10th month after it has been built. We will recommend what needs to be done before your one (1) year warranty is up.


Final Walkthrough Inspections:

Opposed to the phase inspections, this is a one-time inspection before your final walkthrough. We make sure that everything is to code and that no shortcuts have been made. We provide a punch list that you can add to your list before you sign off on the home. We have found Hvac systems that were installed improperly (major safety concer), installed improperly etc. Let us help you make sure you are getting what Recent Inspectionsyou are paying for.


Flagler Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business of the Year!







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House to home inspections is a local family run business. They were nominated by the flagler Chamber of Commerce as new business of the year.

General manager and owner Lynn Van Dort runs the main office and is responsible for customer support, real estate coordination, scheduling and back office Support. Lynn has been on numerous inspections and knows the business inside and out.

Richard Van Dort President and owner of House2Home Services is the master inspector and runs outside operations. Richard is a Board Certified Master inspector (CMI) and indoor air consultant (CIEC). He is also the only certified ventilation inspector (CVI) in the three counties to achieve these certifications. He has conducted thousands of inspections and has been practicing a minimum of 8 years. In addition he is a certified mold and indoor air specialist and certified thermographer.

"House2Home Services is one of the few Multi inspection firms in the area, and we are not a franchise, so we are free to grow and expand our services like Gold Plus and Platinum Plus." Richard van Dort

One (1) call: 386-439-7432 or 904-438-3852.


Flagler Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business of the Year!



Rich VanDort CMI,CIEC,CVI,CIAQ,CTI - Senior InspectorHouse2 Home Inspections provides the highest level of professional, licensed, certified & insured Home Inspections in Palm Coast, St Augustine, Daytona and surrounding areas.


Richard J. Van Dort
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The owner and most senior inspector is only one of five inspectors in Northern Florida that holds the designation of "Certified Master Inspector" from an Independant Board. He has personally trained our staff and because of the nature of how we do inspections the inspection report will always be the same high quality no matter who does the inspection. 




H2H Indoor Air Solutions BBB Business Review

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