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Some include a boat house, special pool, outdoor kitchen, 3 separate HVAC systems, central vacuum etc. It was located in the exclusive Island Estates area.


  • Gold Inspection: This home was an older home located on the beach. It had some challenging aspects as it was 3 stories high and it contained two separate stand alone units. 
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection: This home ordered a Platinum Inspection, 4 points and Wind Mitigation. The Wind Mitigation saved him over $1,000 which paid for all the inspections and more!
  • Economy Inspection: This home although very large was gutted by the previous owner. An economy was ordered to check on the main items of the house.
  • Gold Inspection: This Home inspection included a Gold Inspection, 4 points because it was over 30 years old and a Wind Mitigation which saved the buyer substantially on the Home owners insurance.
  • Pre Certified Sellers Inspection: This seller had a pre- certified inspection to discover what would be need to fix before the Home was put on the market. As a result he was able to present a much better product to the market which will add in the sale of his home.



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