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The House2Home 100% guarantee is a full money back guarantee for the original cost of the Home Inspection (less and warranties, WDO's or Insurance inspections).

If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the inspection at the tome of the inspection or 2 days following the inspection or is not pleased with the quality of the report (when received or 2 days after the report was written which ever is the later) House2Home will return the monies paid for the inspection.

Any additional services originally paid for in the Platinum inspection will not be refunded.

This guarantee is not intended or interpreted for any future events that may occur with the home after the inspection. The inspection is intended to be used a snap shot of the home the day of the inspection. Mechanical breakdowns or leaking roofs and such events (if there was no visible evidence at the time of the inspection) can not be predicted in the future.



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